On Dec. 24, a delegation of the Cambodian National Assembly and Senate, led by Ms. Men Sam An, the Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection, Chairman of the Cambodia - Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Association, and the delegation of Vietnam National Assembly, led by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, Member of the Party Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam National Assembly, Chairman of the Vietnam - Cambodia Parliamentary Friendship Association visited THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park.

The visitors were introduced to the development history and business operations of THACO and THACO Chu Lai. They also visited the vehicle plants, mechanical and supporting industries center and Chu Lai Port.

Vietnam - Cambodia Parliamentary Friendship Delegation has a working session with THACO
THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong reports its agricultural projects in Cambodia

At the meeting, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong talked about THACO's agricultural projects in Cambodia. THACO has been developing 3 agricultural complexes in Kratie and Ratanakiri provinces on 43,770 hectares. The complexes are comprehensively invested in terms of infrastructure and facilities, and organize integrated and closedloop production with enterprises specializing in fruit cultivation (bananas, pineapples, mangos), and others for livestock raising (cattle, fish). The mechanized complexes apply appropriate science and technology in production. In particular, Ratanakiri province is applying for a license to use agri aircrafts on its land.

By the end of 2022, THACO's total investment in Cambodia will be USD717 million and the exported fruit output will reach 500,000 tons. In 2023, THACO plans to expand its fruit area from 15,000 to 22,000 hectares, and export 1 million tons per year. Other 3 cattle farms will also be developed in the form of semi-grazing farms. The company expects to reach 210,000 cattle heads by 2025, constructing organic fertilizer, and packaging materials, fruit processing factories, mechanical - mechanization centers, warehouses, means of transportation, machines and equipment for agricultural production. The total investment capital in Cambodia is expected to reach USD1 billion.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, THACO coordinated with the local authorities to prevent the pandemic and provide timely support to employees. THACO has also built roads, technical infrastructure, given social welfare support and education programs for localities in Cambodia during its projects.

On this occasion, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong sent his gratitude towards the Cambodian leaders for supporting and creating favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in agricultural development. He added that in the coming time, the Vietnamese corporation would develop large-scale organic production in Cambodia and export its products to other countries. THACO Chairman also expressed his honor to receive the Cambodian delegation at the agricultural complexes in Cambodia in future time.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam is making a speech at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam highly appreciated THACO's enthusiasm and responsibility for the country when investing in Vietnam's key business areas such as mechanics and high-tech agri, promoting innovation and creating jobs for workers, especially its bold and creative investments in Cambodia. Up to now, THACO has achieved initial success, making an important contribution to restructuring agricultural production in some locations. The Vice Chairman of the Vietnam National Assembly affirmed that the success has been greatly supported by the Cambodian Government and wished that the country would continue to make ways for Vietnamese enterprises in general and THACO in particular. The official also asked THACO to expand its business fields in Cambodia, along with high-tech agri, including mechanics, automobile assembly, and logistics. 

Leaders of Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Parliamentary Delegation visit employees at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park
Leaders of Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Parliamentary Delegation visit employees at THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park

After listening to the report and visiting factories in THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park, Ms. Men Sam An and the delegation expressed their good impression on THACO's modern, large-scale multi-industry industrial park model, its investment in Chu Lai, in Vietnam and internationally. The Cambodian leader highly appreciated THACO's effective investment in Cambodia and emphasized, THACO's success was thanks to not only its own efforts, but also the correct policy of the Party and State of Vietnam on promoting businesses' roles in the socio-economic development.

Delegates take photos at the meeting

She added that Cambodia would keep supporting and creating favorable conditions for Vietnamese businesses, including THACO to invest and expand their production and business fields, contributing to the development of the two countries. The leader also wanted to see made-inCambodia vehicles in the near future