On Mar. 22, THACO College organized a cultural integration training course for 72 employees who are THACO Chu Lai employees preparing to work for THACO AGRI in Laos and Cambodia for the second period in 2023.


The course was taught by Master Phan Tiem, the school director. The students were informed on the vision, mission, production and business strategies of THACO and THACO AGRI, working rules at THACO AGRI Laos and Cambodia, information about the countries, people, their cultures, customs and behaviors, etc. so they can quickly integrate into the new working environment and be prepared for the new tasks in Laos and Cambodia.


Also during the training, Mr. Thai Duy Hung, the advisor to THACO Chairman shared his past experiences and gave encouragement to the employees. He expressed the hopes that each employee would become an ambassador in each business field of THACO and emphasized, "Our agriculture production alone is a difficult story, but that was 3 or 4 years ago. Now we have upgraded the production scale, and improved the living and working conditions of employees there. As a member of THACO's big family, I hope that, with a good sense of responsibility, a can-do spirit along with efforts on self-improvement, you will fulfill your missions given by THACO and THACO Chu Lai, and contribute to the overall development”.

After completing the course, on the morning of Mar. 24, 72 THACO Chu Lai employees embarked on their new journey to Laos and Cambodia for the new missions.