Ia Puch cattle farm has a scale of 1,907 hectares in Ia Puch commune, Gia Lai province. With a large area and favorable natural conditions, the farm has developed cattle breeding activities with special methods.


It is known that the cow breed on the farm belongs to the Brahman line and the Brahman hybrid, has high weight gain ability, suitable for the climatic conditions and the situation of beef cattle production in Vietnam market.

With the semi-grazing model, cows are fed in the barn only part of the day, and most of the time is grazed in the open field. With this method, cows are grazed with management, are active and supplemented with nutrients, so they grow quickly, and the meat is firm.


During the time the cows are raised on the farm, the process must comply with the standards of the Vietnam Department of Animal Health and the Australian ESCAS standards. The ESCAS standard includes four criteria: animal welfare, control, traceability and independent audit. This is a measure that businesses must absolutely guarantee if they want to import cows from Australia. In order to be imported, domestic traders have to build cow breeding areas and slaughter plants according to Australian standards. The slaughter process must ensure that the animals do not panic and stress from transportation to slaughter.


In addition to the standards in livestock, the quality of cow's feed and water is also strictly controlled. The feed includes a recipe recommended by Australian and Vietnamese experts to ensure high nutritional requirements, mixed in a TMR mixer. Forage (grass, corn) grown by the farm itself and concentrates (bran, micronutrients) must be ordered from reputable companies. Moreover, the farm also built an RO water purification station, ensuring that cows can drink clean water every day.


Since the day it was put into operation, the farm has opened its doors to welcome more than 10,000 breeding cows and more than 5,900 fattening cows. In the first 6 months of 2021, Ia Puch cattle farm has completed 1 more fattening farm with the size of 12,500 cows, and 6 semi-grazing farms with a scale of 4,200 heads. It is expected that this year, Ia Puch will continue to build 1 more fattening farm and 5 semi-grazing farms and 02 concentrated calf farms to meet the import demand for 32,500 more breeding cows and 18,000 beef and lactating cows. fat about the herd. By the end of the year, Ia Puch aims to have a total herd of nearly 45,000 cows.

Strict adherence to standards helps to ensure high quality cow herds, bringing THAGRICO closer to the mission of "Enhancing Vietnam's agriculture".