The Canadian delegates and Dong Nai Livestock Association had a working session with THAGRI LIVESTOCK on September 20 about green animal feed production.


At the meeting, Mr. Tran Tien, the THAGRI LIVESTOCK President mentioned the international animal feed production standards, new technologies and trends in the industry, large-scale production and modern equipment. He also presented the animal feed products produced by Long An THAGRI Plant, “The company upholds sustainable livestock feed production which considers environmental protection, aligns with green agriculture, ensure safety in our products to protect people's health.”


On listening to the company's vision and its green production projects, Mr. Nguyen Hong Ha, on behalf of the Consulate General of Canadian in Ho Chi Minh City expressed his hopes for future cooperation with the company in agriculture and feed production.


Mr. Nguyen Tri Cong, the Dong Nai Livestock Association President said, “We strongly support THAGRI LIVESTOCK’s vision, not only in production technology advances but also its green agriculture orientations, key standards to look forward to in the current agricultural development in Vietnam.”


Following the meeting, the delegation visited Long An THAGRI Livestock Feed Plant which has a production area of 6.8 hectares and produces 300,000 tons of feeds per year. The facility has the technical technologies from Denmark to ensure the supply of high-quality animal feeds for livestock and poultry, enhance reproductive productivity in line with the needs of each livestock growth stage.