In addition to focusing on production and business to create brand value and sustainable development, THACO also builds its own unique cultural identity according to the philosophy of "Bringing value to customers, society and contributing to the development of the company." make practical contributions to the country's economy through products and services". From that philosophy, THACO has strongly promoted the humane spirit of the enterprise when always considering the implementation of social responsibility as the top task of a large enterprise.

Every year THACO deducts a portion of its profits to share its responsibilities with society in many fields such as Homeland Security, Social Security, For the Poor, Traffic Safety, Education, Sports... become a culture and a mission for all employees to always strive to make THACO more and more developed, to join hands to contribute to the community. Up to now, THACO has donated a total of nearly 2,000 billion VND.

Social sponsorship activities are part of THACO's message "Corporately Responsible". In the view of THACO leaders, the biggest social responsibility of enterprises is to create valuable products, create jobs for employees and pay the state budget. there.


Formation and development


Production and business


Working in 4 countries



Development of internal operations


Support for society

Core Value 8TILLION

The efforts to overcome difficulties, confidence, intelligence, discipline, and the will and energy of the founder together with a team of staff with positive working attitude, sense of contribution and dedication have formed the CULTURE THACO is represented by its core values:


THACO joins hands to prevent Covid-19

Actively accompanies with units, organizations and epidemic prevention and control programs throughout the country to support medical vehicles and medical equipment and supplies to contribute to the whole country in repelling the epidemic.



Social sponsorship activities are part of THACO's message "Collaboration of social responsibility".

THACO sponsors 30 ambulances, 500,000 kits, 25 mobile vaccination vehicles for Ho Chi Minh City
HTV9 - THACO tổ chức chương trình hiến máu nhân đạo 2020
Chu Lai Truong Hai Ca

Internal activities

With the goal of becoming a multi-industry group of Vietnam and developing sustainably in the context of regional and world integration, THACO constantly invests in developing internal strength, innovating thinking and acting. improve the quality, raise the level of the staff. To do these things, one of the important tools for corporate governance and management is THACO culture.