In early May 2023, the port received and stored nearly 3,000 tons of wood pellets for IDEMITSU Green Energy Vietnam. At the moment, it is providing warehouse services for different domestic and foreign enterprises to store spare parts, electronic equipment, iron coils, paper materials, cassava chips, tapioca starch.


To meet the goods storage demands from importers and exporters across the country, Chu Lai Port has built a modern warehouse and container yard system spanning nearly 290,000 square meters. The warehouses have been built according to global standards and fully equipped with equipment to preserve the goods, ensuring their quality and safety during storage. Goods are kept in a separate area depending on their characteristics, with loading crews and forklifts there to support the storage in a quick and convenient way.


Using warehousing services at Chu Lai port, customers can easily monitor the import and export status through Smartlog software which sends users periodic report at the end of each month. In addition, businesses can store goods short or long term in different types of warehouses, including general warehouse, compound warehouse, self-managed warehouse and more. The warehouse and yard system in Chu Lai port will creates promising solutions for exporters, save them transportation costs and certainly, improve their competitiveness.