On April 10, the Truong Hai Star 3 transshipped 1,700 tons of cassava chips of VBS Investment and Commercial JSC from Chu Lai port to Hai Phong port, which then were transfered to the SITC KWANGYANG ship to go to China. The cassava chips were transported directly from Sekong, Laos to Chu Lai port.


Cassava chips are bulk goods which require special, expensive and time-consuming methods of transport, storage, and handling. After careful research, realizing that Chu Lai port is capable of meeting its requirements of quality, service, time and cost, VBS, a Laotian agricultural business exporting forest products, raw materials, agricultural products chose Chu Lai as their exporting port. The business is storing more than 1,000 tons of cassava chips at the port, which will continue to increase in the near future.

Currently, the import and export demands in Laos are increasing, opening up opportunities for ports in Central Vietnam to attract "freights", promoting regional and international trade. As the gateway to the sea for Southern Laos, Chu Lai port is currently receiving large exports from Savanakhet, Sepon, Attapeu, Pakse, Sekong regions, i.e. paper materials, tapioca starch, fresh fruits and especially cassava chips. In addition, the warehouses and yards at the port can store goods in large quantities and diverse types, offering fast goods handling, storing, preservation, customs declaration, serving the import and export needs of enterprises.


Chu Lai Port is pouring heavy investments in developing both infrastructure and equipment, seeking export sources of neighboring countries, mainly from Laos to become the international transshipment center in Central Vietnam.