In order to diversify the port services and to provide customers with high-quality convenient services, from February 2023, Chu Lai Port has started the container inspection, cleaning and repair services for all shipping lines that store their containers at the port.


The container service includes container wall/roof replacement, floor repair/replacement and structural repair and so on. Each service complies with Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) criteria related to repair, maintenance and inspection of containers. All container repair workshops at Chu Lai Port have their own equipment and supplies storage, container cleaning and repair areas, and of course, a team of experienced and skilled personnel. The workshop system is available in the port to help increase the efficiency of container delivery and reduce transportation costs for customers.


Having used the container service at the port, large shipping lines such as SITC, CMA CGM, ZIM have affirmed their quality, which would establish grounds for the port to upgrade better services for customers.

Currently, Chu Lai port is providing a closed-loop service chain from towing, freight loading and unloading, customs procedures, and shipping agents to warehousing services to serve import and export demands, bringing optimal efficiency to customers