In October, Chu Lai Port hosted delegations of visitors, including representatives from Attapeu and Sekong provinces, the Lao Consul General in Da Nang, Hoa Khanh Petroleum Corporation, AIDC Laos, and TORAY Japan.

Chu Lai Port leaders are working with the Lao Consul General in Da Nang and Hoa Khanh Petroleum Corporation

The visitors were invited to witness the scale, development processes, and business activities of THILOGI. The guests then engaged in discussions with THILOGI's leadership team, exploring prospects of cooperation in warehousing and exporting Laotian agricultural products, the possibility of establishing shipping routes from Chu Lai Port to key regions in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, and America, further expanding the port's connectivity to serve exports to new markets.

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Chu Lai Port has been highly appreciated for its development potential, especially its capability to handle diverse cargo types such as bulk, liquid, gas cargo, and containers, which plays a significant role in connecting Laos’ cargo to the global market, promoting import and export activities, propelling economic growth in the region and across countries within the East-west economic corridor.


Transporting bauxite from Laos to Chu Lai Port

The port is experiencing a surge in its export activities, with notable growths in containerized cargo (textiles and furniture) and bulk cargo (bauxite and tapioca starch). In October alone, the port received over 16,000 tons of bauxite and nearly 2,600 tons of tapioca starch from Sekong and Attapeu provinces in Laos. Additionally, it exported 520 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of textiles and furniture for companies like DH Textile and Millennium.

Tapioca starch products at Chu Lai Port

The port aims at enhancing service quality, attracting cargo sources from the Central Highlands and countries within the East-West economic corridor, including the completion of the 50,000-ton terminal, investing in state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment and developing optimal logistics solutions with reasonable fees.