To improve effective negotiation skills for sales staff, on Feb. 24 and 25, THACO INDUSTRIES and THACO College organized the course "Arts of business negotiation" for 60 managers and executives in the corporation.


The course was taught by Master Truong Ngoc Mai Huong, a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration at Top Olympia Business School. The trainees were introduced to the importance, forms, methods and principles of negotiation. In particular, students were also given guidance to practice the negotiation skills, including listening, persuasion, handling problems in communication, using verbal and non-verbal languages when working with customers, communicating over the phone, understanding customer needs and building rapport with them.


The course sought to improve business skills, help learners understand the forms, process and importance of negotiation, help them know how to creatively apply the skill to deal with unfavorable situations as well as seize good opportunities, and build successful negotiation plans, thereby, saving time and costs, creating new opportunities for cooperation and maintaining long-term business relationships for the company, fulfilling its goals and plans.