Not only doing agricultural production, THACO AGRI is taking good care of its social responsibility causes, which involve free primary classes for children of Vietnamese Cambodians and native Cambodians living in Tonle Sap and working at THACO AGRI Agricultural Complexes. Thanks to that, the underprivileged workers now have the opportunity to send their children to school.


Although the classrooms at the complexes are still limited, after 3 years, the Snuol Complex has had 6 classes with 247 pupils and 6 teachers.

The 35-year-old Sem Sok Pheak Kdey from Takeo province, currently a teacher at Snuol said, "Being able to teach students is the most beautiful and meaningful for me. When I was young, my family had very limited means. So to be able to send me to school, my parents had worked very hard to save money so that I could go to school like everyone else. Understanding the difficulties of poor families, I decided to be here to bring "literacy" to the small students."


She also felt happy because there are businesses like THACO AGRI coming to the place invest in agriculture and support the worker's children to study as well. Besides the classes, the company also supports the children both culturally and materially by providing them with school supplies, and organizing entertainment activities such as International Children's Day or Mid-Autumn Festival.

Having been working at Snuol for more than 2 years, Ms. Sem Sok Pheak Kdey has noticed significant changes in this poor land. The place now puts on the green color of freshness and development. There are more pupils joining the classes. The parents have changed; too, they are now encouraging their children to go to school.


Education is not easy, especially in areas with many difficulties such as the complexes in Cambodia. Somehow, THACO AGRI has made some initial success by opening classes and recruiting teachers for the classes. By doing so, hopefully, the children can study new knowledge and start their paths anew.