The course was organized for 40 managers and specialists of equipment management, technology, industrial software and application of electronic technology from THACO INDUSTRIES member units.


The course was instructed by Mr. Dang Xuan Hong and Mr. Nguyen Tien Tam, Automation technical and technology managers of ABB Vietnam, a company of electric technology and automation. The learners studied types of industrial robots, their applications in the automobile industry, electric vehicles, industrial production, e.g., welding, cutting, ultrasonic, plastic, glue, stamping, painting, consumer industry, robotstudio and programming support tools, standards and methods to select robots, how to use robots to serve automation and increase technology contents for factories.


Industrial robots are one of the automation solutions commonly used by the world's leading manufacturing enterprises to improve productivity, product and service quality, and increase their competitiveness in the market. The course would be a good supplement to THACO INDUSTRIES employees to enrich their knowledge about industrial robots, and further to effectively apply robot programming and operation methods in practice, improving efficiency in costs and labor.