In honor of International Women's Day, the THACO Trade Union's Leadership and Executive Committee collaborated with various units across the company to organize a special event from March 6 to 8. This year's celebration catered to over 15,000 female employees throughout the THACO system.

15000 nữ CBNV THACO tham gia Muôn sắc hoa xinh Lần thứ 17
THACO HCM City Office celebrates the International Women's Day 2024 with vibrant and exciting activites 

Nearly 400 female employees from THACO, THACO AUTO, THACO AGRI, THACO INDUSTRIES, THADICO, THISO, and THILOGI joined the festivities at the THACO Ho Chi Minh City Office on March 7. The day was filled with exciting activities, including Green Fashion design competition and show, a contest testing knowledge of THACO Chairman's 2024 Message, lucky draws, and engaging team games, creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere.


Ms. Tran Nguyen Hoang Vy, a sales specialist at Thiskyhall Sala wins the 1st Prize in the Green Costume Design Contest

With the outfit that won first prize in the Green Fashion design and performance contest, Ms. Tran Nguyen Hoang Vy, a Sales Specialist from Thiskyhall Sala expressed: "Participating in the Green Fashion design contest for the first time was an absolute joy. The inspiration behind my design is a message to all women: to bloom with radiance, keep shining brightly, and chase your passions with unwavering determination."




THACO's employees are shining their unique personality at the event.

Similar to Ms. Vy, Ms. Vo Hoang Khanh, THACO INDUSTRIES Materials - Raw Materials Department participated in the program for the first time. She shared: "The "Understanding THACO Chairman's 2024 Message" online contest was a fantastic idea. It wasn't just fun and engaging, but it also helped employees gain valuable insights into the company's direction and goals for the year. I hope to see more opportunities to connect like this in the future."



Females at THACO Hanoi Office are graceful in their ao dai

The Hanoi Office celebrated the day with the women resplendent in traditional ao dai, and the Board of Directors presented them with beautiful bouquets of flowers and heartfelt wishes. To add to the festivities, engaging word puzzle games and exciting lucky draws were a hit with the female employees. Ms. Nguyen Kim Anh, an Administration Manager in the Northern office expressed: "17 years of this program have brought me a wealth of experiences. Each year holds special memories, and this year promises to be no different. The women are in for a treat, with the chance to wear ao dai and participate in a series of exciting and dynamic games."


Nữ CBNV THACO Chu Lai và THACO INDUSTRIES tranh tài đầy sôi nổi trong hoạt động team building

The women at THACO Chu Lai and THACO INDUSTRIES are competing in the teambuilding games

In Chu Lai, over 2,000 employees participated in a range of engaging activities organized in collaboration with THACO INDUSTRIES in a week-long celebration from March 4 to 8, fostering cultural exchange, team building, and knowledge sharing, with a focus on THACO's rich history and its various production and business fields. Ms. Trinh Thi Bich from THACO INDUSTRIES Office Administration Department expressed: "Participating in team games and exchanges has been a fantastic way for me to connect with colleagues from other departments. I've learned valuable new things, and built friendships along the way. These moments of fun and collaboration leave us feeling energized and ready to work with renewed focus."


Chương-trình-“Muôn-sắc-hoa-xinh-–-Lần-thứ-17”-năm-2024-tại-VPĐH-THILOGI,-chi-nhánh-Nam-Bộ-và-Bắc-Bộ_1 Chương-trình-“Muôn-sắc-hoa-xinh-–-Lần-thứ-17”-năm-2024-tại-VPĐH-THILOGI,-chi-nhánh-Nam-Bộ-và-Bắc-Bộ_2 Chương-trình-“Muôn-sắc-hoa-xinh-–-Lần-thứ-17”-năm-2024-tại-VPĐH-THILOGI,-chi-nhánh-Nam-Bộ-và-Bắc-Bộ-_3

The International Women's Day 2024 at THILOGI Head Office, Southern and Northern branches (from left to right)

The THILOGI Executive Office and THACO AUTO Production Department in Chu Lai joined forces to host various sports games, cultural exchanges, and knowledge-building competitions focused on THILOGI and THACO AUTO's production and business operations. This collaborative effort created a joyful and meaningful atmosphere, empowering the women to maintain their positive spirit and strive towards achieving their business goals.

Nhà máy THACO KIA tổ chức chương trình Muôn sắc hoa xinh_ Nhà máy THACO KIA tổ chức chương trình Muôn sắc hoa xinh_
Chương trình Muôn sắc hoa xinh - lần thứ 17 của Khối văn phòng Khối Sản xuất THACO AUTO Ban Lãnh đạo tặng quà cho các CBNV nữ tại Chương trình Muôn sắc hoa xinh của Khối văn phòng

The International Women's Day celebration 2024 at THACO AUTO Production Division


Ms. Chung Thi Phat, Executive service officer at Chu Lai International Port Office shared: "As a nearly 10-year member of the THILOGI family, I've had the privilege of participating in the program for just as long. And this year was no exception, we were all as excited as we enjoyed meeting and interact with each other, and participate in many different activities. I feel very lucky to be part of such a community."

The Gia Lai Office celebrated the day with the women testing their makeup skills and design costumes for men, creating funny and memorable moments. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Trang, THACO AGRI Administration Department shared: "Every year, the company organizes a variety of exciting activities that women can't wait to participate in. These fun-filled programs offer a welcome opportunity for relaxation and laughter, while also fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity among the female employees."

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The International Women's Day 2024 at Koun Mom, Snuol Complexes (Cambodia), HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex (Laos), and Ia Puch Complex (Gia Lai, central Vietnam)

Beyond Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Chu Lai, and Gia Lai, divisions, subsidiaries, complexes, and subordinate companies also hosted a variety of engaging activities for their female employees. At the Koun Mom and Snuol Complexes in Cambodia, HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex, and IaPuch Complex in Gia Lai, over 250 women participated in exciting events like cultural performances, traditional folk games, women's soccer and badminton tournaments, and a flower arranging contest. Similarly, provincial companies under THACO AUTO joined the celebration with team-building activities, folk games, and cultural exchanges, creating a joyful atmosphere for all.



Women at HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex are playing football during the women's day celebration

As an excellent striker for the NSA1 football team, champions of the recent THACO AGRI women's football competition, Ms. Phoud Silavong, a hard-working worker at the NSA1 Factory, HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex said: "Thanks to the complex's new healthy playfield, we now have a great space to exercise and celebrate events like International Women's Day."

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Sôi nổi Ngày hội "Muôn sắc hoa xinh - Lần thứ 17" năm 2024 tại các công ty tỉnh thành trực thuộc THACO AUTO


The International Women's Day 2024 at THACO AUTO's provincial companies