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THAGRICO employees in Laos and Cambodia get vaccinated against Covid-19
6/23/2021 9:50:37 AM
To ensure employees' safety at agricultural farms in Laos and Cambodia (Koun Mom), THAGRICO, THACO's agricultural subsidiary, has worked with the national Health Departments of Laos and Cambodia to administer vaccination for employees.

THAGRICO representatives in Laos and Cambodia also worked with authorities to administer vaccines to native workers at the farms in line with the free national vaccination programs in both countries.

In addition, THAGRICO's offices and farms in Vietnam (Gia Lai province), Cambodia, and Laos are now strictly following Covid-19 prevention measures, including wearing masks, using disinfectants, social distancing, and making daily health declarations.

In Laos, THAGRICO currently employs around 800 Vietnamese workers, among whom were 372 who have volunteered to receive free Covid-19 vaccines on May 10 and June 8. The employees had their health screened between the 2 rounds.

In Koun Mom, Cambodia, the company has contacted the Rattanakiri Provincial Health Department to purchase Covid-19 vaccines. As of June 5, 70 Vietnamese employees have been vaccinated.

In the near future, the company will continue to work with Rattanakiri Health Department to vaccinate our 888 employees at a total amount of USD44,400. The vaccination is expected to happen in early July.