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THACO introduces Mazda3 - 2017
6/1/2017 8:53:43 AM
On 16 May 2017, Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) officially introduced Mazda3 - 2017 with a new, modern, and youthful look, and technological breakthroughs to customers. The program has attracted the attention of numerous guests and 80 media units in the country.



Since the launch of its first generation in 2003, the Mazda3 has met the expectations of consumers in terms of design and motors, improving performance and fuel economy. This is a car winning global well-known awards and having a stable growth with high sales in many markets, including fastidious markets such as USA, Canada and some European countries. To date, the total number of Mazda3 vehicles sold worldwide is more than 5 million units, in Vietnam, Mazda3 is the best-selling model in segment C with more than 25,000 vehicles sold.

Following the success of Mazda3, Mazda continues to introduce the Mazda3 - 2017 with a more modern and youthful appearance, as well as a breakthrough in technology, enhancing the connection between drivers and vehicles, meeting the increasing and diverse needs of customers. Vietnam is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to officially launch the Mazda3 - 2017 model with three options: Mazda3 1.5L Sedan, Mazda3 2.0L Sedan and Mazda3 1.5L Hatchback. All the three versions are equipped with G-Vectoring Control (GVC), advanced leather interior, 6-speed automatic transmission with sport steering mode, electronic hand brake, and alloy casting wheels, automatic headlamps, automatic wipers, automatic anti-glare mirror and automatic Cruise Control gas system.

AFS Intelligent adaptive LED technology

The first attraction of the exterior of the Mazda3 - 2017 is the lighting system. The headlamps are not only redesigned but also incorporate AFS intelligent adaptive LED technology. The AFS lighting system with intelligent lighting solutions can widen the illumination angle when driving. This function automatically adjusts brightness and provides optimum visibility even in unfavorable weather and road conditions.

The new Mazda3 - 2017 is designed to offer the sense of more car space, while providing definite and confident feelings for the owner. At the front, the grille is also redesigned wide, the Mazda logo shifted to a lower position, thicker chrome bezels, giving the Mazda3 - 2017 a modern and powerful look.

Rear-view mirrors are designed with cornering lights extending its length towards the front. Regarding the sedan version, the car rear section is similar in design to the existing models, but on the Hatchback version, the rear bumper is designed to be more refined and sporty.

G-Vectoring Control (GVC)

The Mazda3 - 2017 is highly acclaimed thanks to the G-Vectoring Control (GVC) acceleration control system. - A Mazda breakthrough in enhancing body stability to provide total comfort to the users. Mazda is proud to be the first car brand to use this principle to enhance the customer experience.

The system relies on operating parameters such as steering angle and vehicle velocity to control the operation of the engine, thereby adjusting the torque of the engine accordingly and efficiently. The GVC system actively supports the vehicle speed control, moderating the acceleration not so suddenly or abnormally, in order to improve the balance and stability of the seats, to create a sense of comfort when the car is moving.

The GVC system directly affects the output torque of the engine, which in turn directly affects the performance of the vehicle. The system facilitates the driver's manipulations and responses from the car more accurately and limits the number of adjustments to the maximum.

In addition, the GVC system increases comfort and confidence for the users, minimizes the stress of continually adjusting the smallest details, and reduces the body's fatigue during continuous movement and instability when the car was running.


Integration of high-end entertainment technology and state-of-the-art amenities

The Mazda3 - 2017 integrates advanced Mazda Connect entertainment system with a multi-colored 7-inch touch screen, along with unique controlling knobs. The screen displays operating information, entertainment system, and synchronized contacts from the phone. The high-resolution, multi-touch center screen not only helps the driver to operate easily and quickly but also shortens the steering time, thereby enhancing driving concentration.

In apart from changes in the appearance, the Mazda3 - 2017 interior is also renewed from high-grade leather details with a dominant black tone, tender material and delicate red sewing threads, all of which contribute to a modern and attractive space. The Mazda3 - 2017 is also equipped with the electronic handbrake system, electric adjustable sunroof, smart key, automatic air conditioning and a 6-speaker sound system, which not only increases the comfort but also delivers convenience and safety during car operation.
The Mazda3 - 2017 pays special attention to the connection between the driver and the vehicle based on the refinement of interior details, providing exceptional comfort to the user. The new-generation steering wheel integrates an automatic speed control system (Cruise Control), hands-free call button and entertainment system, keeping the driver in easy operation and constant active control. 

In particular, on the most advanced version, the car is equipped with a multi-colored HUD monitor system. The Mazda3 - 2017 is the only car in the segment being equipped with this system. The HUD displays the information on the head-up display with the vehicle's performance data, helping the driver to capture the information quickly and accurately while ensuring visibility and safety during car driving. 

The new Euro 4-standard SkyActiv engine

In addition to the new design, the Mazda3 - 2017 is also appreciated by the new generation of the SkyActiv engine which is made from new materials, improving the efficiency of fuel combustion by direct injection technology with a high compression ratio up to (13: 1), a 30% reduction in energy loss due to friction, which saves fuel and improves torque. With this new-generation engine, Mazda has completely overcome the old disadvantages and adapt to practical use in Vietnam market.

The Mazda3 - 2017 has two engine options: the 1.5L engine with a maximum capacity of 110hp / 6000rpm, 144Nm / 4000rpm torque; the 2.0L engine with a maximum capacity of 153hp / 6000rpm and maximum torque of 200Nm / 4000rpm. All versions are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission that integrates the sporty driving mode, quick acceleration, delivering a new experience, enhancing activeness and safety in driving.

Global safety standards

Not only noteworthy in technology and comfort, the Mazda3 - 2017 also won the prestigious awards from the world's most rigorous safety rating agencies such as "5-star safe car" certified by The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), the title Top Safety Pick Plus (IIHS) thanks to its comprehensive protection system certified by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Mazda3 - 2017 owns a series of safety systems, offering a sense of absolute peace of mind for customers including: Dynamic Stability Control system DSC, anti-lock braking system ABS, electronic brake force distribution system EBD, Emergency Signal System ESS, Emergency Brake Assist system BA, Hill Launch Assist system HLA, Traction Control System TCS, Rear Vehicle Monitoring System, 6 airbags, etc. 
With the technological advantages and conveniences, it is certain that the Mazda3 - 2017 will conquer many customers, especially those who are dynamic, young, and passionate to obtain new experiences. At attractive prices, along with their benefits, the Mazda3 - 2017 is a great choice in the C-Class segment in the coming time.