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THILOGI exports chilies for farmers in central Vietnam
5/8/2021 8:24:18 AM
As a leading full-package logistics provider in central Vietnam, THILOGI is promoting agricultural logistics services, especially transporting main products for export, including mangoes, bananas, dragon fruits, etc. As a part of its development strategy, THILOGI also offers full-package logistics services for exporting chilies at Chu Lai port.
12. ớt sau khi được thu hoạch của bà con nông dân tại Gia Lai-EDIT.jpg

In recent years, farmers in central Vietnam and the Central Highlands as Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Gia Lai, and Dak Lak provinces have turned to growing chilies instead of cassava or sugarcanes. Expecting increasing demands for chilies transportation and logistics services in the near future, farmers would need optimal transport solutions to minimize costs and ensure product quality during transportation.

2. Cảng Chu Lai đang hợp tác với nhiều hãng tàu quốc tế như SITC, ZIM, COSCO, CMA CGM,...phục vụ hoạt động xuất nhập khẩu hàng hóa.png

To make it easier for export, THILOGI is focusing on improving the full-package logistics supply chain performance from transporting, storing and preserving agricultural products to customs clearance at optimal costs to prevent damages for farmers from market fluctuations, help sending out Vietnamese agricultural products, including chilies to the world.

THILOGI is one of the largest agricultural exporters up to international standards, specializing in transporting fruits for big firms such as Hoang Anh Gia Lai, THAGRICO ...

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The company has invested more than 100 tractors to transport agricultural products and refrigerated goods in Vietnam and to other countries. Besides, it has a cold storage system spanning nearly 5,000 square meters at Chu Lai port to preserve agricultural products and fruits before exports.

The firm also develops its partnership with other world major shipping lines as SITC, APL, COSCO, ZIM ..., to directly connect Chu Lai Port with other international ports, cutting down transport duration and costs, but still ensuring the quality of agricultural products. In 2020, the port has exported more than 5,000 containers of fruits with high-quality logistics services and fast cargo-handling.

With an all-in-one system including Chu Lai Port, warehouses, transport vehicles, modern technologies, and high-performing workforce, THILOGI provides optimal logistics solutions for agricultural exports at Chu Lai Port, especially farmers who can now enjoy low costs and convenience to ship their agricultural products to foreign markets.