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Thaco Chu Lai Mechanical Zone: First-ever multi-purpose mechanical center in Central Vietnam
10/10/2020 10:01:18 AM
THACO Chu Lai Multi-purpose Mechanical Center in coastal Quang Nam province is proud to be a good demonstration for the future development of the Vietnamese mechanical engineering industry which has been considered under-invested.

Multi-purpose mechanical centers - "resilience" of the mechanical industry

In Vietnam, mechanical engineering plays an important role in supporting other industries. Apart from automation and energy, mechanics is a must-have for the country’s industrialization.

Besides, the country is now receiving great attention from big global groups. Thus, the demands for industrial machines and equipment, especially precision mechanics, are accordingly high.

In response to the demands, the Government has directed to build multi-purpose mechanical centers in the 3 regions which can produce and supply mechanical products, offer different functions and connect with other businesses and mechanical centers.

Such centers will promisingly help improve competitiveness, better connections between businesses, link a chain between production and consumption, and push the mechanical engineering industry deeper into the global value chain.

6. Robot hàn .jpg

Welding robots

2. Dây chuyền xả băng thép cán nguội.jpg

Cold rolled steel strip production line

THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Zone - a potential leverage for the future mechanical industry

With more than 15 years working in automotive engineering, THACO has established a multi-purpose mechanical zone in central Quang Nam province. 

The zone produces mechanical products in agro-forestry, construction and industrial machines in an A-Z value chain from R&D to production and supply.

THACO Chu Lai Mechanical Zone spans 19 hectares and has an investment capital of VND1,300 billion.

There are 3 factories: Steel Processing plant, Mold plant, and Mechanical Complex plant which are equipped with modern production lines and machines imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea.
Its R&D center has its own advantages , which are up-to-date technologies and modern equipment, state-of-the-art design and simulation software, and 350 engineers and experts with in-depth expertise of product design and intensive international working experience.

Besides domestic distribution, different products from the zone (vehicle boxes, fuel tanks, industrial molds, luggage trolleys, agricultural mechanical parts...) have been exported to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea. 

1. Tổ hợp Cơ khí Thaco Chu Lai.png

Thaco Chu Lai Mechanical Zone

The export incomes in 2019 reached over USD3 million. We're expecting USD5 million this year.

In partnerships, the mechanical zone cooperates with large enterprises to expand business or order OEM parts. 

It also supports SMEs in their production processes, technologies, machines or activities in the value chain. 

4. Máy phay giường.jpg

Bed-type milling machine

5. Máy ép CNC 1000 tấn.jpg

1000-ton CNC press machine
7. Sản phẩm khuôn mẫu và gia công cơ khí.jpg

Machining workpiece8. Sản phẩm cơ khí xây dựng.jpg

Construction engineering products

11. Sản phẩm cơ khí ô tô.jpg
Automotive engineering products9. Sản phẩm cơ khí nông lâm nghiệp.jpg

Agro-forestry engineering products

10. Sản phẩm cơ khí thiết bị công nghiệp.jpg

Industrial equipment engineering products

Until now, the zone has helped to produce finished products or qualified mechanical parts for several domestic businesses.

In the coming time, Thaco Chu Lai mechanical center will keep on building up its gears by adding more testing centers, increasing R&D activities, offering more diverse mechanical products and solutions, and of course deepening cooperation.