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THACO puts KAM50 agricultural tractor on show
5/28/2018 12:51:25 PM
THACO’s Commercial Vehicle (CV) Company joined hands with THACO CV branches to organize "KAM50 Agricultural Tractor Demonstration" program for 253 local customers in the country’s Central Highland and Mekong Delta provinces last week.
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The program aimed to bring KAM50 tractors closer to customers by providing on-field demonstrations which gave them better understanding of the product’s technology features. In addition, the CV branches also presented THACO's product maintenance policy, thereby easing customers’ concerns when it comes to using the product.

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After the test drive, the branches have received various positive feedback from customers for the KAM50 tractor, including its multi-purpose design, smooth and powerful engine, light and flexible steering. As a result, 26 potential customers were expected to make their tractor purchases and 1 contract was signed at the program.

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KAM50 Tractor is assembled and distributed by THACO based on the technology of South Korea’s LS Mtron Group. KAM50 boasts a modern design and a powerful engine addressing most needs in Vietnam.

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