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Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Do Ba Ty visits Chu Lai - Truong Hai Complex
5/25/2017 10:38:39 AM
In the afternoon of 27 April 2017, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Do Ba Ty and his delegation visited Chu Lai - Truong Hai Complex. In the delegation was Mr Nguyen Duc Hai - Permanent Member, Chairman of National Assembly's Financial Budget Committee. Welcoming the guests were Mr Pham Van Tai - THACO Permanent Vice General Director and the Complex leaders.

During the visit, the Vice Chairman highly appreciated the efforts and results that THACO has achieved over the past time.  Especially, with constant efforts, THACO has become the largest private enterprise in Vietnam, which makes great contribution to the national budget: "Truong Hai has had a long yet sustainable stride, overcome great challenges and difficulties, following the economic development locally and Vietnam, and creating thousands of jobs for laborers." He also hoped that the Company would continue overcome challenges, grasp opportunities, and sustainably develop in integration; and keep researching and developing new products, lower prices, improve its competitiveness, and achieve high localization rate in all products.


Mr Do Ba Ty also stressed that THACO leaders should concentrate on promoting research and development, technical employees training and professionalism improvement, improving laborers' living standards and performing good policies for employees, focusing on militia and self-defense forces, reserved forces to have initiatives in every situation.

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Also on 28 April, the delegation of 100 Central Southern province and city representatives visited the Complex. During the event, the guests expressed their special impression with THACO growth and its contributions to the local economies particularly and Vietnam generally.

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