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Speech of THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong at Launch Ceremony for Peugeot - New Generation Products & The Dual SUV Models of 5008, 3008
12/11/2017 4:00:55 PM


Dear Mr. Đỗ Thắng Hải, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade

Dear Mr. Lê Văn Thanh, Member of Quang Nam Province Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of People's Committee

Dear Mr. Olivier SIGAUD, First Counselor, Embassy of France in Vietnam

Dear Mr. Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, CEO of Peugeot Brand

Dear Mr. Dennis Martin - PSA Group CEO China & South-East Asia

Dear dealers, partners, customers and journalists

First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the Management and 17,000 employees of Truong Hai Auto Corporation, to send our greetings and best wishes to all distinguished guests who are present at today’s ceremony: PEUGEOT-NEW GENERATION PRODUCTS & THE DUAL SUV MODELS OF 5008, 3008.

Dear distinguished leaders and guest

Peugeot owns a history of over 200 years with an established tradition as the leading manufacturer of vehicles and motors in France and Europe, ranking second in Europe in terms of sales volume.

In Vietnam, during the 1930s, the Peugeot brand was featured with such products as the pepper mills and sewing machines, and especially the Peugeot vintage bicycles, which already became the symbol of the most prestigious products of the youth at that time.

Until the 1970s, Peugeot was the most popular luxury car brand in South Vietnam, including models like 202, 203, and especially the 404 model symbolized the levels of successful people. It is likely to say that the Peugeot brand has become legendary in the Vietnamese mind because many have heard of the brand via words of mouth from older generations and a few products left.

Dear distinguished leaders and guests!

During the period from 1975 to the 1990s, most of the world’s automobile brands were not distributed in Vietnam, including the Peugeot brand, which returned late compared with other brands via a partnership with THACO that included technology transfer and made THACO the exclusive  distributor of Peugeot cars in Vietnam in 2013.

Thaco has worked out a marketing and business plan themed "THE RETURN OF A LEGEND" to introduce to customers, especially the youth, products such as 208, 3008, 408, RCZ, 508. At the same time, we have developed our large-scale showrooms at convenient locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Vinh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and other big cities, with a full range of repair services and component supplies.

Dear distinguished leaders and guests!

In 2015, Peugeot introduced a new international strategy with the ambition to expand Peugeot products, ranking second in Europe in terms of sales, to all over the world and put the brand at new heights. Peugeot has made breakthrough changes to create new-generation products. They are all designed with New I-Cockpit philosophy that maximizes the driving experience and a perfect balance between accuracy and emotion. Especially the 5008, 3008 dual, which have right since the first launch made continuous sales records in the European and Asian markets, and were confirmed by the Car of the Year 2017 and Typical RedDot Design Award.

In line with Peugeot's changes, Thaco has made efforts with Peugeot in producing and assembling the dual in Chu Lai, and just had a test drive for Hanoi-Moc Chau. We got very positive feedback from the journalists for the new functions like as Active Lane Departure Warning, Active Blind Spot Monitoring System, Advanced Grip Control, Hill-Start Assist Control, HDAC, ESP, 180o Camera … Today, THACO and Peugeot launch the dual at the ceremony.

We believe and hope that the duo 5008 & 3008 will be able to convey the message INVENTIVE HIGH-TECH, INSPIRED EMOTION”.

This ceremony is also the beginning of a marketing plan themed “making the Peugeot legend come true” through which we will continue to introduce typical products of the new generation such as Peugeot Traveler, Peugeot 508 and 2008, built and assembled at Chu Lai Complex.

We have also invested 8 more showrooms and plans to double to 16 nationwide with full warranty and repair services and spare parts supply, and technology 4.0 applications for after-sales service, in order to make Peugeot as the brand with the highest sales in the European car with reasonable prices.

Dear distinguished leaders and guests!

As a large automotive company in Vietnam, Thaco has its own responsibility to stabilize the market and create real values to consumers. Today we announce the prices based on 0% import tariff for the CKD policy at this moment, also the prices for early 2018 when the excise tax for vehicles with engines under 2.0 liters decreases to 5%, to help customers be able to own the cars earlier.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Government, ministries, and authorities of different levels in Quang Nam Province for having supported Thaco in recent years. Thank you, all the newspapers that have been with Thaco with great support.

On this occasion, my special thanks would like to go to the management of PSA, PSA Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as the engineers and experts of Peugeot for their great efforts in producing and assembling the new-generation Peugeot products at Chu Lai Complex in Vietnam for today’s launch of the dual SUV models of 5008 and 3008.

In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Jean-Philippe IMPARATO, CEO of Peugeot Brand, and Mr. Dennis MARTIN, PSA Group CEO Asia, for their dedication to the ceremony.

We wish all of you, the honorable leaders, clients, dealers, and journalists good health, happiness and success.

Thank you very much!