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The experience of developed countries confirms that through the use of end-to-end logistic services, companies only need two months instead of 5-6 months for shipping (from the receipt of goods until the delivery to customers). It will save a lot of time and cost. At THACO, with the goal of "Serve well as much as we can", THACO Logistics has integrated all types of specialized services into a full-service logistics and constantly promote the strengths of each service package to bring customers the full value in use.  


Land transportation: Based on the advantages of diversification, competitive pricing, time-saving, and flexible process, Thaco Logistics is always available to meet such services as door to door services, full batch services, distribution services with consignment, retail services, matching rows etc. Customers will have more choices fitting with their business purposes.

Sea transportation: Thaco Logistics operates both domestic and international transportation services, with two-ways domestic transportation route: HCMC - Chu Lai, Chu Lai - Hai Phong etc. Thaco Logistics is also the only company shipping goods from HCM City to Da Nang, Quang Nam, Dung Quat and vice versa. Besides, there are two-way international shipping routes from Chu Lai to Phong Thanh Port (China), Singapore Port, Hong Kong Port etc. Currently, Truong Hai Star 2 ship with the loading capacity of 288 TEU always ensures freight shipping capability for heavy and out-of-gauge goods with low cost. In addition, 1643 HP tugboats with large capacity can support a maximum towing service for transit cargo ships at Chu Lai Port etc. 

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Furthermore, Thaco Logistics provides services such as warehousing, forwarding, yard rental to locate manufacturing and processing factories combined with seaport services etc. Bonded warehouses and storage systems were built according to European standards with equipment and strict security systems using advanced software solutions in management and operation. THACO Logistics’ large warehouse system including ICD CFS warehouse (13,400 m2); bonded warehouses (31,100 m2) and yards (120,000 m2) with pallets system, forklifts, racking systems, container withdrawal tunnels etc. reaches the global standards and meets customers’ specific needs.

An important link in THACO’s full logistics service supply chain is Chu Lai - Truong Hai Port. The port was built with the flow length of 11 km (from the buoy no.0), the depth of 6.8 m, and loading ships with more than 10,000 DWT. With a large surface area of 140,000 m2, including container yard of 30,000 m2, bonded warehouses of 23,600 m2, general merchandise warehouse of 36,400 m2, in addition to the modern equipment such as cranes LIEBHERR capacity of 40 MT etc., Chu Lai - Truong Hai Port meets customers’ needs of cargo transportation.

To ensure its full service operation, Thaco Logistics also provides extra-services such as packaging, counting, authorized distributing, port agencies, ships, express delivery, customs declaration, insurance etc. to help customers save time and cost and bring the highest added value, thereby enhancing the competitiveness for client companies.

With the motto of efficiency and full service, and along with over 7 years’ experience in freight forwarding, Thaco logistics has served large corporations such as KIA, Hyundai, Foton, Mazda, and domestic companies like SABECO, Prime, Gemandept, Hoa Phat, CNA - Malaysia etc. In addition, by the long-term investment in equipment and human resources and combining individual services into full package distribution and shipping services to create the perfect, convenient and cost saving choice for customers, Thaco Logistics is committed to providing full package and professional service as well as bringing the highest efficiency for customers.