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To effectively support companies engaged in Chu Lai Industrial Park and support the overall development of the automobile industry in Vietnam, Chu Lai IP focuses on offering preferential policies on taxes as well as providing other support and consultancy in investment procedures and governmental relation, etc. 

Sectors attracting investment

Chu Lai Industrial Park focuses on attracting investment for the following industries:
Production and assembly of specialized vehicles, motor vehicles, agricultural-industrial machinery, and marine engines;
Supporting industry for automotive engineering industry;
Development of new urban areas, including residential areas, commercial centers, service areas and educational centers.

Tax incentives

Coming to Chu Lai Industrial Park, investors will be entitled to Chu Lai Open Economic Zone’s preferential policies on taxes such as corporate income tax, personal income tax, and import tax.
Corporate Income Tax (CIT):
Tax rate of 10% for 15 years from the operation date of the project;
Corporate income tax exemption in the first four years from the date of taxable income;
50% reduction of corporate income tax in the next 9 years.
Personal Income Tax (PIT):
50% reduction of income tax for those who have income tax liability and are directly working in Chu Lai Industrial Park.

Import duties:

Import tax exemption for imported goods that create fixed assets;
Import tax exemption for the first five years, from the beginning of production for raw materials, supplies, components and semi-finished goods that cannot be produced domestically.

Additional support in Chu Lai Industrial Park

Apart from receiving high quality products and services, investors also get a lot of additional support from THACO as well as the local authorities including following special assistance:
Advice, support to complete investment procedures in the short time;
Establishing relationships with the local authorities at all levels;
Recruitment consultancy and support in HR training;
Supporting housing services for experts;
Providing full logistics service to ensure quality and competitive price.