phóng lớn
thu nhỏ
Along with the decision of establishing Chu Lai-Quang Nam Open Economic Zone, recognizing the potential of the area, as well as aiming at developing automobile manufacture industry in Vietnam, in 2003, THACO strongly invested in and developed automobile engineering industry - THACO IP at Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

With the advantages of transportation routes, including the National Highway 1A, the North-South Rail, Tam Hiep Port and Chu Lai International Airport, THACO IP can easily cover the domestic market and expand to 
other markets in the region.

In addition, attractive incentives of Quang Nam Province have created favorable conditions for investors. Apart from incentives in investment, investment land, and taxation from the government, investors also received strong support from the provincial government of Quang Nam in terms of training human resources and promoting their image. In particular, one door policy is applicable to all investors once they have invested in THACO IP. The Management Board of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone will be responsible for supporting investment procedures in THACO IP. This will help shorten the time and cut costs for many investors.

Until now, THACO has completed phase one of the project, including Chu Lai-Truong Hai automotive assembly factory, THACO KIA assembly factory, logistical center, Star Ship I & II, seats and wiring manufacturing factory, and glue & chemical manufacturing factory. At the same time, we are striving to complete the chassis and coachwork factory, steel mill, along with land clearance, infrastructure development, and construction of industrial parks and residential areas.