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THACO conducts auto manufacture and trade with an A-Z value chain ranging from product R&D to Production, Distribution and Retail, meeting the demands of the domestic and overseas markets. 

THACO offers a full range of vehicles - passenger cars, buses, trucks and special-purpose vehicles from mid-range to luxury segments and from different brands. There are Kia, Mazda, Peugeot, BMW, and MINI passenger cars; Mitsubishi Fuso and Foton trucks, THACO buses, and BMW Motorrad big-engine motorbikes.


THACO manufactures and distributes Kia (Korea), Mazda (Japan), Peugeot (France), BMW (Germany) and MINI (UK) passenger cars. In the new period, THACO organizes its passenger car distribution network into dealerships with same-segment brands (Kia, Mazda) and the ones with same-owner brands (PSA: Peugeot, Citroen, DS), (BMW: BMW, MINI, BMW Motorrad). The facilities sell cars and car parts, and service cars.


THACO is also a truck and bus manufacturer and distributor. The group operates a distribution system for Thaco Bus, Mitsubishi Fuso (Japan), Kia Frontier (Korea) and Foton - Forland (China). Per the Group’s strategy in the new period, trucks and buses dealerships are managed under brands (Thaco Bus, Mitsubishi Fuso & Light-duty Trucks, Foton - Forland, Special-purpose Trucks and Heavy-duty Trucks), selling buses and trucks, vehicle parts, and providing vehicle services.