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THACO is the only company in Vietnam that produces and assembles passenger cars with the highest localization rate of 15-40% after 16 years of its establishment and development. At its very first days, THACO only assembled automobile spare parts imported, and now it is establishing its own business chain value from being as a supplier to a manufacturer, a distributor, and a retailer. THACO’s main role is to manufacture and assemble the passenger vehicles of KIA (Korea), Mazda (Japan), and Peugeot (France). In addition, THACO produces spare parts and accessories with the localization rate up to 46% and is in charge of the transportation process of completed products, by land and sea, to deliver its vehicles and spare parts to all of its showrooms, agencies and all over the country in the fastest manner.

All above-mentioned activities comply with a very strict procedure in order to control and improve the product quality and create the most comprehensive maintenance and warranty services for customers.

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THACO’s current selling channel is a system of 114 showrooms and direct agencies appropriately allocated throughout the country that will undertake its retailing task to each customer. Service quality is considered as the most important criterion to attract potential customers and to confirm THACO’s status in Vietnam market. Therefore, THACO will continuously upgrade and expand its system of showrooms and factories. Its showrooms and agencies are comprehensively established in accordance with THACO’s standard and global SI accordingly to each brand. Those standards aim to create an overall image for THACO’s passenger cars brand. It is also the way to improve the brand’s identification level and popularity that result in customers’ appreciation.

Below are auto brands manufactured and distributed by THACO.

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