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In October 2013, Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) was honored to receive numerous awards such as "Excellent Accomplishment of Tasks from 2010 to 2012"; "TOP 10 Vietnam Gold Star Awards" for seven consecutive years and one of ten companies awarded "Corporate Social Responsibility". Mr. Tran Ba Duong, Chairman of THACO was honored as one of "100 outstanding entrepreneurs" and received "Thanh Giong Cup Award 2013." 

In addition, Mr. Tran Ba Duong was awarded the certificates of commendation by the Prime Minister for his "Outstanding Achievements in Vietnamese Young  Entrepreneurs movement from 2008 to 2012"; “Outstanding Entrepreneur from 2010 to 2012" in Dong Nai; “Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Southeast Region of Viet Nam” for 3 consecutive years in  Vung Tau, etc. 

In order to gain these achievements, THACO has not only focused on the business operation but also cared for its employees’ welfare and the social responsibility. In addition to strong leadership, it is undeniable that the corporate culture has greatly contributed to the company success. THACO Culture is sustainable and unique, which was cultivated and developed since the very first days of the company’s establishment. 

From "The Principle of 8Ts" 

“THACO’S Principle of 8Ts" includes Tận tâm (DEDICATION), Trung Thực (HONESTY), Trí Tuệ (INTELLIGENCE), Tự Tin (CONFIDENCE), Tôn Trọng (RESPECT), Trung Tín (PRESTIGE), Tận Tình (ENTHUSIASM), and Thuận Tiện (CONVIENENCE).

The Principle of 8Ts is said to be THACO’s golden rule. It is also THACO’s Core Culture, the intangible asset that is accumulated by every of THACO’s family members. No single T has ever been overlooked in the process of "THACO individual" development; all eight words have positive interactions. The "8T Principle" is THACO’s disciplined culture, so every THACO’s employees must always be aware of their duties and responsibilities to enforce and promote each "T". 

To “Self-discipline Individuals - the Culture of Discipline”

THACO always directs all of its employees to a working and lifestyle of self-discipline. Living and working with the self-discipline and the continuous progress will benefit the company and yourselves. THACO’s “self-discipline individual" is the unity between the individual and the group. It is the harmony of collegiality, responsibilities, mutual respect and caring in order to ensure that each individual has the highest opportunity to their development and the highest contribution to the company. 

Each "self-discipline individual” standing together will make the “culture of discipline". Put it simply, company culture is assessed largely based on the company’s culture of discipline criteria, which in turn are created by each self-discipline individual. THACO’s "culture of discipline" helps THACO “self-discipline individual” to achieve a conscious, disciplined, creative, and professional working attitude in order to express their self-value contributing to “THACO Value Creation” to the society and the nation.


THACO Culture is clearly defined, for we have always been faithful to four compulsory requirements to elevate the philosophy of RESPONSIBILITY: to be transparent and environmental-friendly in business and manufacture; to offer the best products within a reasonable price range; to always prioritize human resources strategy; and to actively pursue the community engagement. These four requirements which are specified in "8Ts Principle" are conveyed to every THACO’s employee by each member of the Board of Directors to elevate our philosophy of RESPONSIBILITY.

THACO’s business philosophy is "Higher Responsibility, Higher Status" (Embracing Our Social Responsibilities, Matching Our Nation’s Status). On the basis of that philosophy, THACO’s culture is always built in accordance with the principles of humanity and community contribution. With that principle, since early 2013, despite the situation of economic slump in Vietnam, THACO donated nearly 10 billion VND to various community and social programs such as "For Our Dear Truong Sa", "Supporting Quang Nam’s and Da Nang’s people in overcoming the aftermath of typhoon No. 11 in 2013"; "Aid for school construction for the children of Vietnamese overseas in Kompong Thom, Cambodia, etc. 

It is not easy for enterprises to develop their business operation, maintain stable profits for their shareholders, and fulfill their obligations to the community at the same time.  Only ones whose business ethics are always been complied and respected can handle it well. The solution is quite simple, for them to take RESPONSIBILITY in their business operation and THACO is an example. Social development is the sustainable development, and when you take higher RESPONSIBILITY, you will gain higher STATUS. Combining all business activities with social responsibility is a unique cultural identity of THACO. In other words, THACO Culture is the harmony of those two concepts.
DEDICATION (TAN TAM): Being wholehearted and responsible in working with people, with the company; 
HONESTY (TRUNG THUC): Being truthful and ready to defend what is right; 
INTELLIGENCE (TRI TUE): Intellectual capabilities, including imagination, reasoning, memory, knowledge acquisition etc. to achieve creativity; 
CONFIDENCE: Believing in yourself; courageous in work and life; 
RESPECT: Be compliant, no disregard or violation of the organization principles; appreciating and cherishing supervisors and colleagues; 
PRESTIGE: Being loyal and keeping promises; 
COMMITMENT: Living and working with all hearts and strength; 
CONVENIENCE: Creating a favorable and effective environment at work and in life. 

8Ts interpretation: 
Definition: Being wholehearted and responsible in working with people, with the company. 
Individuals -  Work wholeheartedly and responsibly with everyone and the company. 
                      -  Be responsible for yourself, your family, colleagues, companies and products. 
      Groups and teams 
- All group members are devoted to the improvement of each individual and company’s progress. 
Departments -  Support teams to complete tasks in the most effective manner. 
Company - Create a spirit of love and solidarity within the company; be committed to the philosophy of “higher responsibility, higher status” to contribute to the society and the country; be committed to care for the rights of all employees and the community.

Supporting conditions 
     - Create a good working environment; 
- Care for the employees’ life, spiritually and materially; 
- Improve policies on vacation, reward, insurance, retreat etc.  

Definition: - Being truthful and ready to defend what is right
Individuals: - To be honest with yourself; 
     - Take responsibility for any mistake or failure to get the tasks done.
Team and division: 
- Straight feedback for better individual development; no sectarianism is allowed.
     - Internal Solidarity 
- Take responsibility for any mistakes in one’s respective team or division 
Company:   - Be a pride of all employees and to win their trust in the company’s leadership, to offer training. 

Supporting conditions
- Performance of honesty should be timely rewarded and encouraged; while dishonesty actions that affect the company reputation, business, and products should be disciplined. 

Definition: Human intellectual capabilities, including abilities such as imagination, memory, reasoning, knowledge acquisition etc. to achieve the creativity. 
Individuals: - Learn to improve your knowledge, think and act independently; 
- Be creative in your respective fields. 
Groups and teams 
- Have accurate evaluation of each individual’s capabilities, dedication and creativity; 
     - Create the group ideas that are beneficial to the company. 
Department: - Always think to find the best solution to fulfill your department responsibilities; 
- Cultivate independent thinking and working in order to serve the best for fulfilling the mission and strategy of the company. 
Company - Promote the company's growth and contribute to the development of the country’s automotive industry;
      - Facilitate the advancement and learning opportunities for each individual; 
      - Develop a skillful and capable workforce; 
      - Open schools and build a system of policies to attract talents. 
Supporting conditions 
- Organize regular training classes, hold talks by experts in various fields such as cultural life development, techniques, moving toward opening schools to take part in the education system; 
- Launch creative competitions; constitute a studying environment; learning from books and colleagues. 

Definition: Believing in your-self; being courageous in work and life. 
Individuals: - Act confidently for the company development; 
         - Be self-confidence in work and communication. 
Group and division: 
     - Be confident in problem solving and dealing with customers and partners; 
Company: - Be confident in dealing with market fluctuation; be determined to implement company’s strategies. 
Supporting conditions 
- Create conditions to improve skills and communication ability of employees; offer extracurricular classes in sales and communication skills; 
- Encourage bold and confident attitude; 
- Create forums; 
- Launch competitions of initiatives and improvements benefiting the production. 

Definition Complying without disregards or violation to the organization principles; being respectful to colleagues and supervisors. 
Objective Display such virtues as Kindness, Uprightness and Decorum 
Individuals: - Prioritize company interests over the personal interests; respect the collective, customers, supervisors and colleagues through daily behaviors. 
Groups and teams - Respect and care for each other in life and at work. 
Departments: - Care for rights and interests of customers; 
- Care for personal life of each member in a group;
- Implement all directives of the company;
- Listen to comments and respond to any of customers’ complaints and questions. 
Company - Be kind to others and to the society; 
- Be respectful of every relationship; 
- Create a fair and kind environment throughout the company; 
- Create a healthy and loving working environment. 
Supporting conditions
- Employ a professional workforce; 
- Develop the company's guiding principles in communication with customers; 
   - Offer professional and cultural training courses to officers and employees. 

Definition: Being loyalty and keeping promises 
Objective: Faith creates trust 
Individuals: - Be loyal to the company; keep promise with colleagues and customers; 
- Maintain trust in life. 
Group and division: 
- Keep promises to the company, customers, and all members; 
- Preserve company’s and department’s reputation. 
Company: - Create trust for all members of the company; 
- Win customers’ trust; 
- Enhance company prestige and keep our prestige in business; 
- Create high quality products; 
- Ensure on time delivery to customers. 
Supporting Condition:  
- Improve production activities, invest in machinery to release the quality and reputable products, timely introduce products satisfying our customers; 
- Encourage employees and all departments to maintain the company’s prestige. 

Definition: Living and working with all heart and strength 
Objective: Expression of the spirit of duty. 
Individuals: - Listen patiently to the opinions of supervisors, colleagues, and customers; 
      - Be dedicated to work and company’s development; 
- Be kind and loyal to everyone; 
 Group and division
- Treat all team members with sincerity; 
- Make the ultimate effort for the company development and the collective interests including individual interests
- Wholeheartedly guide customers in the process of product introduction and purchasing. 
Company: - Create a group dedicated to the development of the company and the country. 
- Create an environment for people to work wholeheartedly; officers and employees love their jobs, work hard and join professional training. 
Supporting condition: 
- Recruit and train employees to follow the company guiding principles; organize regularly tutorial classes of customer communication. 

Definition: Creating a favorable and convenient environment in work and life
Individuals:  - Cultivate a favorable and effective collaboration with colleagues in the company; 
 - Be friendly to facilitate mutual communication. 
Group and division  - Create the most convenient environment for all members; 
 - Provide the most convenience for customers when doing business. 
Company:  - Create a group dedicated to the company and country development; 
 - Create an environment for people to work wholeheartedly; officials and employees love their jobs, work hard and have opportunities to join professional training. 
Supporting condition: 
 - Recruit and train employees to follow the company guiding principles; organize regularly tutorial classes for customer communication.